Ecosphere Play Base System


An Eco-friendly Safety Flooring for Playground & Multi-use Area

Safety : Ecosphere System is designed to create a surface with an elevated degree of safety, year after year, in any climatic condition.
Environment : Ecosphere System consist of 100% non-toxic material. The play base component is made from a 100% recyclable material and is tested to the world’s most stringent environmental standards.
Drainage : The vertical and lateral drainage capability of Ecosphere System results in a reliable, efficient draining play area, while also addressing water storage for storm water management.
Design : Ecosphere System not only provides shock absorption but also act as a thermal insulation and drainage layer that can be installed over permeable or impermeable bases, thus eliminating the risk of frost heave and the need for costly drainage systems.
Installation : The play base panels install with maximum precision using a unique patented interlocking system, thus eliminating the need for glues or tapes. Ecosphere System has been engineered as a dimensionally stable system that can be installed in virtually any climatic condition. A typical playground installs in less than a day.
20-Year Warranty : The quality and performance of Ecosphere System doesn’t change with time, so years of reliable safety are guaranteed.That’s serious peace of mind for the installer and owner.
Quality Assurance : Ecosphere System’s component is manufactured in an ISO-certifed facility, will not decay or degrade over time and is resistant to bacteria, fungi and chemicals.

EN1177 HIC Ecosphere Play Base